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Bakugan Evolutions Battle Amp Pack

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Bakugan Evolutions Battle Amp Pack
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Level up your Bakugan collection the Battle Amp Pack! Featuring Bakugan, Geogan and Nanogan! Unleash strength and speed modes and an exclusive evo-Dragonoid in an all-new deco!
Collect all your favorite Bakugan Evolutions characters, roll into action against friends and become the ultimate Bakugan Brawler! Do you have what it takes to emerge victorious in the Bakugan Battle arena?
With the included Gate-Card, there’s even more ways to play! If your Bakugan opens and lands on a gate, flip the Bakugan card over and discover a bonus to add to your Bakugan’s total power!
A great birthday gift for kids!
Includes: 1 Ultra Bakugan, 1 Baku-Gear, 1 Core Bakugan, 1 Geogan, 1 Nanogan, 4 BakuCores, 2 Character Cards, 3 Ability Cards, 2 Gate Cards, 1 Instruction Sheet
Suitable for ages 3+

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