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Super Mario: Deluxe Bowser Battle Playset

£49.99 £24.99
Jakks Super Mario
Immerse Yourself in the Ultimate Showdown: Experience the thrill of the NINTENDO SUPER MARIO DELUXE BOWSER BATTLE PLAYSET, complete with LIGHTS AND SOUNDS, featuring a dynamic 2.5" / 6 cm BOWSER ACTION FIGURE to elevate your gaming adventures.
Dive into the action with a BRIDGE SCENE easily recognised by SUPER MARIO FANS, decked with LEVEL-SPECIFIC DETAILS and a captivating backdrop that transports you straight into the heart of the MUSHROOM KINGDOM.
Elevate your playtime with GLOWING LAVA, IMMERSIVE SOUND EFFECTS, AND ICONIC MARIO MUSIC, creating an atmosphere that brings excitement into every battle.
Strategically press the YELLOW BUTTON to UNLEASH CHAOS as Bowser tumbles from the COLLAPSING BRIDGE, providing a thrilling climax to your heroic conquest.
Enjoy endless REPLAYABILITY with EASY RESET functionality via the lever on the right pillar, ensuring that the EXCITEMENT NEVER FADES.
With multiple PLAY AREAS AND DISPLAY options, this deluxe playset offers boundless opportunities for IMAGINATIVE PLAY AND CAPTIVATING DISPLAYS.
Get ready for ACTION by equipping 2 AA batteries (not included), powering the VIBRANT LIGHTS AND IMMERSIVE SOUNDS that enhance your gameplay.
Whether you're a SEASONED GAMER OR A YOUNG SUPER MARIO ENTHUSIAST, this playset is the PERFECT GIFT for Super Mario FANS AGED 3 AND ABOVE, delivering endless hours of excitement and adventure.
BUILD YOUR WORLD and look out for other SUPER MARIO GIFT PLAYSETS available!

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