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Jurassic World - Dr. Sarah Harding & Stegosaurus Pack

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Jurassic World - Dr. Sarah Harding & Stegosaurus Pack
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With this set inspired by the scene in which Dr. Sarah Harding attempts to photograph a baby stegosaurus, the adventures and action of Jurassic World: a new age come home. A camera accessory completes the scene.
With authentic Dr. Harding action figures, as well as a small and large stegosaurus with authentic design and articulated joints, you can recreate the scene from the movie or create a new adventure.
The figures are all in a realistic scale to 9.5 cm human figures.
The larger dinosaur figure features an impressive tail attack. This attack is characteristic of the Stegosaurus and gives it its recognition value.
Even the packaging is part of the scene. The design is based on the Dino pendant from the forgotten world: Jurassic Park. A great gift for fans of Jurassic World: a new age and dinosaur action game fun.
Suitable for ages 4+
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