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Lego Harry Potter - Beauxbatons' Carriage: Arrival at Hogwarts™

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Magical adventures in the air and on the ground with the Beauxbatons’ winged horse-drawn carriage!
Soar through the sky with the winged horse-drawn Beauxbatons’ carriage as it hurtles towards Hogwarts™. Recreate the exciting scene from Harry Potter™ and the Goblet of Fire™ as you guide the spectacular speeding carriage safely in to land with help from Hagrid™. Transform the set into a 2-floor bedroom and refreshments area, then join Madame Maxime, Fleur Delacour and Gabrielle Delacour to plan magical adventures over a cup of tea. Don't forget to feed the flying horses and move their wings, legs and heads into position ready for your next flight!
Suitable for children aged 8+
Contains 430 pieces
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