Mga'S Miniverse Series 2 Make It Mini Food Diner - DIY Food Playset

£9.99 £6.99
Mga'S Miniverse Series 2 Make It Mini Food Diner - DIY Food Playset
MAKE IT MINI FOOD - Miniverse is the only mini food collectable that you can actually make and display!
UNBOX IT - Each ball comes with lots of surprise ingredients and kitchen accessories. Prepare your recipes to build and create your own mini food! Each capsule is blind so you won't know which mini food you get until you unbox it!
MAKE IT - Compare the contents of your package with the included collectors guide to see which mini food you got. Follow the recipe card on the back to make your mini food
SET IT - Set your mini food using the included resin in your ingredients. Set your finished dish in direct sunlight for about 5 minutes until the resin has hardened. Once it's set, you've got your finished mini food!
DISPLAY IT - Set your Miniverse foods in your capsule that doubles as a display! Each Diner mini comes with a mini table that you can display your mini food on as well
COLLECT THEM ALL - Collect 50+ unique Make It Mini Food Diner ingredients, packages, and kitchen accessories from From mini straws, to mini cake stands, to a mini chocolate chip jar, and more! Collect and create your very own mini foods
SO MANY MINI FOODS - Collect all 18 Series 1 Make It Mini Food Diner Minis! Visit officialminiverse site to learn more about all the recipes you can collect in Series 1!
Suitable for ages 8+
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